Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood


This week has been pretty busy with getting ready to move into our new house.   We signed all of the mortgage papers today, once the deed is filed with the county (tomorrow) we can start to move in.   Looks like we’ll get the keys around 7pm tomorrow night.    Then we have a full weekend of deliveries, unpacking, organizing.

I must say – we have had unbelievable weather here in Seattle the past few days.   It has been warm(ish), about 45 degrees, all week and we have had several days in a row of clear blue skies and bright shinning sun.    This morning, we walked into the park right at 7:30 and saw a full moon hanging over the Olympic mountains, all while peering out over Eliot bay.   There’s just no beating the scenery out here, we have mountains, forests, and water, everything you’d want in your natural landscape.   

This evening we got to go to the house and experience these views from our house.   It went from seeing Mr Rainier off in the distance to seeing the top of the city skyline lighting up.   That will be fun next week when we’re actually living there 🙂

On an unrelated note – we went to a Taco Bell / Pizza Hut for dinner, and with their hot sauce, they also had ketchup packets.   We couldn’t figure out why – any thoughts?



Reflection of the Space Needle in an Office Building

Reflection of the Space Needle in an Office Building