Riding The Bus


So it tool me about a week, but I have settled into riding the bus to work.  It’s a good thing that I have the unlimited ride pass, because I end up going through 3 zones on the way to work (less than 3 miles).   I get on the bus 2 stops short of Seattle’s downtown “ride free” area, head into the free zone, and then 3 stops outside the free zone – I exit the bus.   For a while I would leave the bus and be like “I paid on the way in.”   Now I just scan my pass on the way in and the way out, the equivalent of paying twice, but I have a free unlimited pass, so no loss :).

I am hopeful that the longer bus ride will work for me (about 40 to 45 minutes each way).   Actually it must work because we are a 1 car family now.

Today on the way home, the bus was very crowded and there were people standing.   There was one empty seat – next to me.   So I’m wondering, am I that scary looking that people would rather stand than sit next to me?  


My Bus Stop