Food for the “liberal elite”

We joked about it enough at dinner, and I couldn’t resist the headline. Joking aside, I thought it was time for non-political post…. I’ll get back to those soon enough.

Tonight we went to Campagne, a local French restaurant. It’s located near the famous Pike Place Public Market. We had a wonderful dinner. I had Sea Bass, Cortny enjoyed the Ratatioue. There was great wine, a yummy cheese course, and Crème brûlée. My friend Brad joined us (he suggested the restaurant).

It is always nice to go to a really nice restaurant. The service was great, the sommelier actually described our wine (I’ve never had that done before), and the food was exquisite. It was particularly nice to be able to spend over 2 hours dining outside, taking time to enjoy the food and good conversation.

I know it’s so “European” of us spend a few hours over dinner, but it’s nice to slow down and take a break from our 24×7 lives.

Earlier in the day – Cortny was working at a trade show (I’m sure she will blog about that). I did some house work – cleaning, laundry, recycling, and composting. The dogs slept (that was nice). Other than that – it was a really nice day here, we have had great weather recently. It has been in the low/mid 70s for about 2 weeks, plenty of sunshine, and great mountain views all around. I am hoping that we can hold onto the good weather into October (not unheard of around here).

Oh – and today, at Target, I saw Christmas decorations on sale. The halloween stuff is still being put out, and they are already selling Christmas stuff!