Election 08 : Issues

The four issues that I have so far summarized are all I plan on formally writing up. I was able to cover technology, health care, environment, and education. The economy would be the next to cover, but is there really a point in writing this one up. At the core of McCain’s policies is a continuation of the Bush economic policies of the last 8 years. This includes tax cuts for the rich and rampant deregulation. If you have seen the news in the last week, you know where this has taken us. Obama actually has an economic plan that makes sense, and helps left up all of society. Economy edge: Obama.

The United States foreign policy, domestic policy, tax policy, and policies towards minorities in our society are simply out of whack and need to be changed. Taking a risk on John McCain’s foreign policy (See this profile in The Atlantic – http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200810/mccain) is an irresponsible thing to do.

I will likely be blogging some additional political content between now and the election, the McCain platform is so bad and out of touch that further coverage is not warranted. I’m looking forward to the first presidential debate this friday. If the moderator can maintain control and have the candidates stay focused on the issues, I predict a decisive victory for Obama. We’ll see what happens. Unfortunately, it looks like broadcast networks are all delaying the debate until 9pm Pacific time, I’m going to need to try and find an Eastern time feed.