To the Alderwood Mall!

We started today off with Saturday morning, 8am Yoga class. 8am is manageable, but I’m not sure if I could ever make it to the 6:15 am weekday classes, it would be hard to be awake enough that early in the morning. So, having an 8am class, we had to park at like 7:55. One problem there, the stupid electronic parking meters won’t let you pay until 8am. So of course, we got a parking ticket for not paying for parking. Normally we get there early enough to park a few blocks away (where free) and walk, but we were running late. Oh well, our second Seattle parking ticket.

This afternoon we headed north to the Suburbs. Wow that seems really far away 🙂 In Cincinnati, our house was 10 miles from downtown (we are now 5 miles from downtown), moving closer to the city center, makes everything else seem farther away.

Anyways, we headed to Alderwood Mall in Lynwood. The point of our trip was to see the new Bill Maher documentary, Religulous. It was very well done. I will say that the people who look best in the movie – the Catholics. The Vatican astronomer appears in the film and he had some great things to say, including “There is no science in the Bible.” If you do see the movie: during the scene where he’s interviewing the senator from Araknsas, our theatre erupted with applause and laughter. Living in a the most educated city in the US is nice 🙂 Not that there is anything wrong with other places, but there are some places in the country where cheering would have erupted instead.

After the movie – we walked through the mall. For all my Cincinnati readers. Imagine Northgate mall, immediately joined with Rookwood. It was a huge indoor mall (with normal mall stores) connected to a huge outdoor mall with upscale type stores. We did go to REI, which is always a good time. Every time I go there, it makes me want to be outdoorsy.

And after the mall – we wend to Red Robin. Nothing like a giant cheeseburger to brighten your day!

We are now back home (having survived our trip). I think tomorrow we will probably do a whole lot of nothing.