Endorsement for President : Barack Obama

Some of you have received this letter in the mail – but in case we missed you…

In this pivotal Presidential election year, we find it hard to not be engaged in the political process, at least in our own way. Given this heated and often negative political climate, we felt compelled to reach out to some of our closest friends and family to share some pertinent information and some of our carefully formed opinions.

We have committed our votes to Senator Barack Obama, and wanted to share our reasons why. We realize that you may disagree — or even strongly disagree — with our viewpoints, but we are respectfully grateful that you take the time to read this letter.

We want to help the campaign, but we are not interested in calling strangers on the phone during their dinners. But this did seem like an appropriate time to talk to our friends and family in our own words. We feel that some parties and other groups have tried to distract the American people from the issues that affect all of us on a daily basis, and we feel this will lead voters to select other candidates for the wrong reasons. While we all wish we had candidates that could operate above the fray, it just isn’t possible in our scandal-loving country.

Instead we chose to share some our feelings with the people we know and care about most. We support Barack Obama because we believe he has presented a real plan for change in our country. While the opposing party has spent time promoting their new-found celebrity, criticizing
the media and their opponents, rereading their convention speeches and side-stepping difficult questions, Mr. Obama has rolled up his sleeves and repeatedly explained his plan for our country to groups of people and to the media.

He plans to suspend the tax-breaks to the richest 2% of Americans, which the McCain campaign wants to deepen. Instead, he plans to extend tax breaks to an overwhelming majority of Americans (see included chart). He plans to invest in green technologies and create jobs in these fields — this could put people like our American auto workers back to work as well as decrease our dependance on oil. Decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels will help us to counteract the greenhouse gasses that are damaging our delicate environment. At our age, we have very strong desires to protect this planet for our future children and children’s children, and help support a leadership that recognizes that we have a vast future in front of us and recognizes a need for a new national direction.

Mr. Obama has presented a completely integrated proposal for our future: it includes an emphasis on math and science education, which will help drive innovation in technologies for the green economy. Growing the green economy will help eliminate our dependence on oil which has the benefits of improving the environment, stemming global climate change, and greatly increasing our national security by removing any leverage that countries like Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia may have over us. If the United States establishes a leadership in green technologies, the rest of the world will be coming to us for solutions, further boosting our economy and regaining America’s position of respect in the world.

Mr. Obama also plans to renovate our health care system, allowing employers to still provide healthcare to their employees, but also using the billions of dollars from suspended tax breaks to help provide healthcare to the many people in our country who cannot afford it. With all of our American privilege, no one should have to go without. That, in combination with trying to create new jobs and end tax breaks to companies that send our jobs overseas, are real plans to get our struggling economy growing again.

We believe that Senator Obama has continually proven his patriotism and love for our country, has also proven his Faith, character, and intelligence. He seeks to unify our country and help American families. We believe he has been proving his care for average Americans since the time he worked on the front-lines in inner-city Chicago helping bring to light the issues of the poor; and since the time he passed up fancy jobs at law firms to instead work as a public servant in the Illinois legislature and US Senate. We see him and his wife Michelle as true Midwesterners — like us. We believe that we are united as a country, and no person should be left behind.

We feel that we are still waiting for Senator Obama’s opponent to lay out a clear plan for the country or answer specific questions about those plans. We will not attempt to use this letter to attack Senator Obama’s opponent as we don’t find that to be helpful. We pray that Americans like you are ready now to look at and discuss real issues that affect all of us in this country. Personally, we believe we are fighting for our children and their future. One that is peaceful, ecologically sound and full of opportunities.

We would greatly welcome any time you wish to spend reading about the issues we’ve included in this letter. If you find them helpful, please pass them on to others you know. Senator Obama has many more plans outlined on his website, www.barackobama.com. We simply hope that, no matter who you choose to vote for in this election, that you spend time reading about the issues you find important and taking time to seriously consider what these plans mean for our country. For us, this is the most important election in our lives thus far. We do not want to let it pass without working hard for change.

Cortny and Mike Helmick

Download PDF version of this letter, with additional information.