Mid-week Blog

I made it to Wednesday! The last week and a half have been pretty dern busy at work. I put in a few 15 hour days and worked most of the weekend 2 weeks ago. I think I’m caught up on stuff as of today, but we all know how work goes.

The bus is getting more and more crowded these days – I usually don’t have to stand because I get on at the first stop (on the way home) usually get one of the last seats on the way downtown. But today – packed in like a Japanese subway train (well not really).

We’re gearing up for trick-or-treaters. We have never had trick or treaters, it just wasn’t going to happen at our condo in Cincinnati. We have some candy (from target), and if Cortny doesn’t eat it all (just kidding) we’ll have some to hand out to the kids. The plan is to sit on our 2nd floor balcony and lower candy to the kids in a basket of some sort (I need to get some rope).

Someone around here has a birthday coming up! Cortny is going to be 25 (I think) on Saturday, and she doesn’t look a day over 20 🙂 We’re going to see Spring Awakening on Saturday and then I’m going to attempt to make a French dinner for Cortny.

See — and you thought I was going to talk about the debate 🙂 It was too boring to talk about any further – I might have fallen asleep writing about…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz