Not much going on…

Sorry I haven’t been writing. I’ve been very busy with work. It looks like I’ll be getting back to a more normal working schedule this week. I actually left work on time today, and had a few minutes to relax before Yoga tonight, which was pretty touch, so now I am sleepy. But of course, no matter how tired I am, I have to stay up for The Daily Show.

We got a couple of care packages last week – thanks everyone for the Skyline Chili. We already enjoyed some Cincinnati chili for lunch yesterday. Thank you!

That’s about all – we’re getting ready for a few end of the year trips back to the heartland, or “Real America.” We’re going to try and see as many people as we can each time, but time is always against us.

Since I’ve got nothing to write, I’ll leave you with a picture. Aren’t they cute?