Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We got to go back to Cincinnati/Batesville and visit family last weekend. We had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, which included more sides than anyone could possibly eat, oh and a turkey.

Today we’re back in Seattle, having Thanksgiving dinner with some local friends. We decided to do a non-traditional dinner. We’re having yummy Italian food instead! I just made the big pot of sauce, and we have some fresh pasta from the farmers market, some Italian meats and cheeses, and Cortny made a yummy looking pumpkin cheesecake.

So – Happy Thanksgiving, no matter how you celebrate it.

Lazy Day For Some

We didn’t really have a lazy day on Saturday – but the puppies did.

We went to Yoga on Saturday morning, then we came home and did some Christmas decorating. I realize that we’re about 2 weeks early for outdoor decorating – but it was dry and sunny. That is a combination we might not see again for 2 weeks. We do enjoy that it doesn’t get cold here – I much prefer raining and high 40s to rainy and low-mid 30s (like we often got in Cincinnati).

We put up garland, lights, and bows on the 2nd and 3rd floor balconies. We also have some light up trees that we’ll be putting in the front yard, but we’re saving those until we get a little closer to christmas. Here’s what the lights look like.

We also went to the grocery store, that’s always a good time. And…that was pretty much it – I did some work later, and we watched some movies.

mmmm… Yummy.

This month is Dine Around Seattle. 30 restaurants offer 3 course dinners for $30. Tonight we went to the 35th Street Bistro in Fremont (pretty close to our house). It’s a cute little French restaurant.

The food was awesome (special menu)! We all got something different and managed to order everything on the menu between everyone at the table. I had the Cassoulet – it was really yummy, but Cortny’s Coq Au Vin was better. (I always get plate envy.)

They also had a wine paring – so we each had a glass of wine with each course (yes, 3 glass of wine for dinner… 🙂 ). There was a sparkling wine with the salads, some great red wine from the Rhone region with the main course, and a muscat desert wine (also a little bubbly). Overall it was great!

Friday tomorrow! I’m going to really try and not work this weekend 🙂 we’ll see. I have to go in at 6am Monday morning for a long day. But I’m off next Thursday and Friday for a trip back to the midwest. It’ll be great to see everybody, but I will honestly miss the Seattle weather.

Weekend Around Town

We spent the weekend just hanging around town (with one small trip to the suburbs). Friday night, Cortny had to drop some Ideal Bite flyers off at a movie theatre. It was in the University District, so we walked around a little. We went into a few shops around the theatre, including the University of Washington book store.

Saturday we just hung around Ballard a bit. We saw Burn After Reading at the local theatre (where the picture above is from). Before the movie we had burgers at Zaks, another local restaurant. Ballard is just full of local restaurants, it’s awesome.

Sunday we went to another one of those local restaurants for the first time, Thaiku – a Thai restaurant, as you might imagine. Of course before eating we had to make a trip to Ikea (to return something). Ikea is just so overwhelming – packed with people and stuff, but it’s still a little fun too. The downside to Ikea – it’s like forever away, we have to leave the city to get there (what can I say, we’re city people now).

Other than that, I’ve spend a few hours working this weekend. We’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now and I’ve got some stuff that needs to be wrapped up in the next few days.

Now we’re back home – We both just had yummy hot chocolates from Starbucks, and we have some red velvet cupcakes waiting for us in the kitchen 🙂

Street View in Seattle

Google Street view is finally in Seattle! So – Here is a photo tour.

First – Our house (the 2nd from the left) – If you spin around you will see our neighbors, Ballard High School and the Ballard pool. You can’t quite make it out in the pictures, but you can see the space needle from our street. If you haven’t visited our house yet – I’m writing this from just inside the glass door on the 2nd floor.

Here is our awesome, local grocery store. (You may have seen it on HGTV.)

Here is where we go to Yoga It’s on NW Market, the main street in Ballard.

On the left, Cupcake Royale, on the right the Majestic Bay movie theatre. If you spin around here or look around, this is where we spend a good bit of our time on the town.

Here is the Ballard Bridge. Yes, we have to go over a drawl bridge to get home. Spin around here and see some cool fishin’ boats.

Here is where we lived for the first 3 weeks in Seattle. It was cool to be downtown, but it was difficult with the dogs.

The space needle.

Here is Pike Place Market and the first Starbucks.

Here is where I work (an old hospital).

A place where you can see 3 Starbucks from the same spot. You can’t make it out on the screen, but it’s funny.

That’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll post interesting things when I find them.


To borrow a phrase from Senator John McCain, tonight we “made history.” Despite our differences. Despite how we may feel different about how best to establish tax policy, how to fund schools, or wage war, the constitution of our nation requires that every four years we exercise our sacred duty as citizens of the United States of America to elect new leadership. It gives every citizen a voice to be heard. It gives every citizen a say. Just because your candidate doesn’t win, doesn’t mean that you have lost your voice and doesn’t mean that you can’t participate.

No matter what part of the country you come from, we are all one nation. We must move forward together to create a better country, and I believe that we have elected a leader who is best able to bring about the change that we so desperately need.

Perhaps the most significant outcome is the break from the past as perceived by the rest of the world. We live in a global society, we are citizens of the world as much as we are citizens of the United States. Our country has ruined any goodwill that we earned after September 11th, I believe that President Barack Obama will restore our position in the world.