Street View in Seattle

Google Street view is finally in Seattle! So – Here is a photo tour.

First – Our house (the 2nd from the left) – If you spin around you will see our neighbors, Ballard High School and the Ballard pool. You can’t quite make it out in the pictures, but you can see the space needle from our street. If you haven’t visited our house yet – I’m writing this from just inside the glass door on the 2nd floor.

Here is our awesome, local grocery store. (You may have seen it on HGTV.)

Here is where we go to Yoga It’s on NW Market, the main street in Ballard.

On the left, Cupcake Royale, on the right the Majestic Bay movie theatre. If you spin around here or look around, this is where we spend a good bit of our time on the town.

Here is the Ballard Bridge. Yes, we have to go over a drawl bridge to get home. Spin around here and see some cool fishin’ boats.

Here is where we lived for the first 3 weeks in Seattle. It was cool to be downtown, but it was difficult with the dogs.

The space needle.

Here is Pike Place Market and the first Starbucks.

Here is where I work (an old hospital).

A place where you can see 3 Starbucks from the same spot. You can’t make it out on the screen, but it’s funny.

That’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll post interesting things when I find them.