Lazy Day For Some

We didn’t really have a lazy day on Saturday – but the puppies did.

We went to Yoga on Saturday morning, then we came home and did some Christmas decorating. I realize that we’re about 2 weeks early for outdoor decorating – but it was dry and sunny. That is a combination we might not see again for 2 weeks. We do enjoy that it doesn’t get cold here – I much prefer raining and high 40s to rainy and low-mid 30s (like we often got in Cincinnati).

We put up garland, lights, and bows on the 2nd and 3rd floor balconies. We also have some light up trees that we’ll be putting in the front yard, but we’re saving those until we get a little closer to christmas. Here’s what the lights look like.

We also went to the grocery store, that’s always a good time. And…that was pretty much it – I did some work later, and we watched some movies.