I have finally gotten so fed up with the horrible Comcast DVR interface that we are getting a Tivo. It won’t be here until Monday, but we are already ready to go.

I made the trip the Comcast store in Seattle today. I exchanged our DVR for a CableCARD (needed to Tivo to unscramble channels). By law, the first CableCARD is free! So I will paying $15.99 less to Comcast each month, and paying $10.75 to Tivo… so I’m saving money and getting a better product!

We’re wondering how we’re going to survive 2 days without a DVR… how did people live without them?

And yes… that is the most exciting thing that has happened since my last blog post.

I’ll have to post later to let everyone know how Tivo is working out.

Making Drinks

Our new soda maker arrived yesterday. We have the Pure model from Soda Stream (http://sodaclubusa.com/default.htm).

We got the value kit, that included the Soda machine, 3 CO2 canisters, 8 flavor packs (they sent the diet version of one, but included an extra of something else), and a sample pack with 12 flavors in it (including many we didn’t order, so that’s good).

So far we have made the “Cola” and “Grape” flavors of soda. And… they are both quite tasty. It’s not Coke, but it sure does taste good, and the sodas are plenty bubbly (you can even control the amount of bubbly, since you carbonate the water).

We’ve got lots of flavors left to taste, but have enjoyed the 2 we tried so far. The machine is a little large (about 18 inches tall), but not too deep or wide. It fits nicely in a corner of our counter that was empty anyway.

Speaking of making soda – I just finished the Cola one, so I’m going to go make another!

Turning 30…

My birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but I thought I better put up a blog post today since most of my readership is 3 time zones away.

Yes – tomorrow is my 30th birthday. Just in the past month or so, I’ve become resistant to the idea of getting older. But I guess that is just part of me, not liking things that I can’t do anything about 🙂

I want to say that I feel like I could have accomplished more in these first 30 years, but that’s probably not true. I’ve done a lot so far: earned 3 degrees, been a college professor, worked for a “dot com,” traveled to 8 other countries and 25 states (half way there!). Life now is, of course, great. We have a great house (filled with 2 fuzzy dogs), in a great city, and I’ve been married to Cortny for just over 7 years now. By the way, she is loveable, pretty, and wise. In case you didn’t know.

So what’s next?

In the immediate future: We’re going to continue to enjoy our time in Seattle, knowing that it isn’t permanent. I’m enjoying my work, and would like to see some new features be released. I’m happy to be able to keep working on educational research as well. As for future travel plans: we are heading to Cincinnati in March, Alaska in May (I’ll get pictures of Cortny on the zip line), Disneyland in October, and a larger trip in 2010 (Australia and New Zealand, Continental Europe, or Northern Europe and possibly Russia – we’ve got some time to have this trip planned, but we are thinking about it).

That’s where I’ve been, where I am at 30, and where I’m going next.

New Soda Maker

So you probably saw this on Cortny’s blog, but I thought I’d post it too. We ordered a home soda maker last weekend (to arrive next week), from http://www.sodaclubusa.com/ .

It just seemed like a cool idea and a very earth friendly idea. I was mostly interested in it for the health benefits … i.e. less sugar per serving, and no high fructose corn syrup in their cola (and other) flavorings.

The kit we got is the machine (to the left), 4 1-liter bottles, 3 CO2 cartridges, and 8 flavorings. We’re also talking about way to make our own flavors (just add orange juice, for example).

I’m sure we’ll be posting again after we try it out.

In other news – our request for 2010 Olympic tickets was not selected in the official lottery. We decided that we just really wanted to go, so we bought curling tickets from a broker (double face value + a service charge). I’m sure it will be worth it, but it would have been nice to have gotten tickets to one of the events we requested originally.

2009 Starts Next Week. Right?

I’ve been away for a while. We had a good visit in Cincinnati and Indiana over Christmas. We got to see lots of friends and family and got so many presents that we were glad to have brought the giant suitcase 🙂

Before we left, Seattle just got pummeled with snow (well for Seattle anyway). We had about 9 inches of snow on the ground before we left on the 22nd. The dogs enjoyed the snow. Our palm tree did not enjoy the snow very much… .but I think it will make it.

Once we got back to Cincinnati, there were plenty of mom’s Christmas cookies. (This is just part of the christmas cookie tins)

Somewhere in there I went to the XU game, and watched them loose. They seem to do better when I can’t see the game at all…

Eventually, we watched Tessa eat a can of coke zero. Kids these days, she’s already on a diet!

We did have a really good time, but as usual our visit was too short. Eventually we will get around to scheduling our next trip home, I’m still looking up flight prices.

The day before we were supposed to fly back to Seattle, we found out that our trip was canceled. But… we were moved to a direct flight! Then, when we got to the airport, I was upgraded to first class! (Cortny wasn’t, but she let me take it anyway). I had orange juice in a real glass, a hot breakfast on real plates, and it was all free 🙂

A few hours after we landed, we picked up the puppies. After 6 days at the dog lounge, they were very very very sleepy! They were tired for about 3 days, which is good for us.

And the day after we got back, it was our 7th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s only been 7 years 🙂 We just made dinner at home, since we had been traveling and going out the previous week. Cortny and I haven’t gotten each other anniversary gifts since our 5th, but I felt like a bad husband not buying anything. So at lunch, I went out and got something that first the traditional 7th anniversary gift: copper. An Italian, hand made copper sauce pan. It looks really shiny on our stove. Happy (late) Anniversary Cortny! (Cortny has an anniversary blog post on her blog.)

And to cap of a great holiday period… I saw an R2-D2 fish tank at PetCo tonight. (Please don’t buy me one of these)