2009 Starts Next Week. Right?

I’ve been away for a while. We had a good visit in Cincinnati and Indiana over Christmas. We got to see lots of friends and family and got so many presents that we were glad to have brought the giant suitcase 🙂

Before we left, Seattle just got pummeled with snow (well for Seattle anyway). We had about 9 inches of snow on the ground before we left on the 22nd. The dogs enjoyed the snow. Our palm tree did not enjoy the snow very much… .but I think it will make it.

Once we got back to Cincinnati, there were plenty of mom’s Christmas cookies. (This is just part of the christmas cookie tins)

Somewhere in there I went to the XU game, and watched them loose. They seem to do better when I can’t see the game at all…

Eventually, we watched Tessa eat a can of coke zero. Kids these days, she’s already on a diet!

We did have a really good time, but as usual our visit was too short. Eventually we will get around to scheduling our next trip home, I’m still looking up flight prices.

The day before we were supposed to fly back to Seattle, we found out that our trip was canceled. But… we were moved to a direct flight! Then, when we got to the airport, I was upgraded to first class! (Cortny wasn’t, but she let me take it anyway). I had orange juice in a real glass, a hot breakfast on real plates, and it was all free 🙂

A few hours after we landed, we picked up the puppies. After 6 days at the dog lounge, they were very very very sleepy! They were tired for about 3 days, which is good for us.

And the day after we got back, it was our 7th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s only been 7 years 🙂 We just made dinner at home, since we had been traveling and going out the previous week. Cortny and I haven’t gotten each other anniversary gifts since our 5th, but I felt like a bad husband not buying anything. So at lunch, I went out and got something that first the traditional 7th anniversary gift: copper. An Italian, hand made copper sauce pan. It looks really shiny on our stove. Happy (late) Anniversary Cortny! (Cortny has an anniversary blog post on her blog.)

And to cap of a great holiday period… I saw an R2-D2 fish tank at PetCo tonight. (Please don’t buy me one of these)