Making Drinks

Our new soda maker arrived yesterday. We have the Pure model from Soda Stream (

We got the value kit, that included the Soda machine, 3 CO2 canisters, 8 flavor packs (they sent the diet version of one, but included an extra of something else), and a sample pack with 12 flavors in it (including many we didn’t order, so that’s good).

So far we have made the “Cola” and “Grape” flavors of soda. And… they are both quite tasty. It’s not Coke, but it sure does taste good, and the sodas are plenty bubbly (you can even control the amount of bubbly, since you carbonate the water).

We’ve got lots of flavors left to taste, but have enjoyed the 2 we tried so far. The machine is a little large (about 18 inches tall), but not too deep or wide. It fits nicely in a corner of our counter that was empty anyway.

Speaking of making soda – I just finished the Cola one, so I’m going to go make another!