Not Quite Punctual

So I’m a little behind on blog posts. It’s that time of year – midwinter, life is just kind of normal, not going out in the cold too much (although it’s not all that cold here).

Since my last post, we’ve completed an 8 hour yoga workshop. Very fun, and very challenging. We’re coming up on a year of practicing at Shakti, and I can notice a difference. Mostly I have improved strength, but I am also getting a little more flexible. Balance has been a big challenge for me, but I’ve been able to do headstand in the middle of the room in the last few weeks, so that’s been exciting for me.

Also, just yesterday, I signed up a state of Washington approved motorcycle safety course ( Evergreen safety council is the only one in the area that has an all scooter version of the training class. I was thinking about just taking the department of licensing test, but that’s just not quite as safe. If you take the training course, you get a waiver on the state’s tests (written and practical) and possibly an insurance discount. I haven’t called my agent yet, because I don’t own a scooter.

On that front, I’m currently considering the Vespa LX150. I have looked at a view different scooters, but this seems like the best one that I’ve looked at. More Details here.

And, we’ve booked our excursions for our upcoming cruise (in about 3 months). In Ketchikan Alaska, we’ll be doing a rainforest canopy adventure ( In Juneau, we will be visiting a sled dog training camp, to meet the puppies. Our other stops are Hubbard Glacier (the weather will determine how close we are able to get) and in Victora, BC. We are currently thinking of just staying on the ship in Victoria, since we have been there a few times. If we’re bored and want to be on dry land, we’re pretty familiar with Victoria and will be able to get ourselves around. So that’s exciting. We’re looking forward to the cruise. It will be fun to be on another cruise (have only been on one in 2003) and to go to Alaska as well.

I’ve had to promise Cortny that our next vacation will be someplace warm.