Deathcake Royale

This is something we missed last year – well not this year! Our local cupcake place ( offers the “Deathcake Royale” at this time every year.

We put in an order for 10 (we are hosting a wine tasting on Friday), so we will get to try it soon. Very exciting 🙂 Seattle Magazine reviewed the cupcake.

Following on – we are hosting a wine tasting on Friday night, all Chianti. We picked up a well rated bottle at our local wine bar – Portalis ( Incidentally, Portalis is just a fun place to hang out, we had a bottle of wine there last Saturday.

Since the wine is Chianti, we are preparing to make some yummy Italian treats. We’ll be making homemade ravioli and homemade sauce. There will be both cheese filled and mashed potato filled ravioli (yummy!).

So that’s all – we’re heading to yoga soon to pre-burn the calories that we are going to consume on Friday night.