Making Ravioli

Today was a long day at work – it was annual review day. I had to write my self review, and 4 peer reviews. I also got to spend some time working with a customer, and that’s always fun.

I thought yoga would be a good way to wrap up the day, so I went to the 5:30 level 2-3 (Cortny stayed home). It worked! I’m certainly not thinking about work anymore because I’m so tired 🙂

After yoga, Cortny and I made homemade ravioli. We do a lot of team cooking. I made the dough and rolled out the pasta sheets. While I was doing that, Cortny made the fillings. She made a ricotta and parsely filling as well as a mashed potato filling. Ever since we were in Italy, we’ve been want to have potato filled ravioli again. We had some in Florance, and it was the most wonderful thing ever, seriously.

The ravioli is all for tomorrow night’s wine tasting. We still have a little bit of getting ready to do. I am going to drop the puppies off at the dog lounge in the morning so that Cortny can clean up the house, and she is also going to make the sauce.

So – tomorrow should be fun 🙂

Also this week, both of my siblings bought houses this week. Congratulations to them, especially brother Dan who bought is first place.