Up the Mountain, and back Down Again

It took me over a year, but I made to to one of Washington’s fine ski areas today.

We went to Crystal Mountain, a ski area in the Mr. Rainier national park. Normally you can see Mr. Rainier from the area, but not today. There was steady snow falling all day. At the peak (we got up to about 6800 feet), there were very very windy conditions with blowing snow… but it was still way fun.

Having grown up skiing on perfect north …. I felt like I had never skied before. It’s amazing to go to a huge ski resort that relies on nature made snow, and gets a bunch of it. Since the snow was falling, the trees were all frosted, everything looked awesome.

Like my last post, here is someone else’s video. They’re going down one of the runs that I really liked … but today visibility was about 100 yards in front of you at the top.