Half a Weekend

The weekend is half over, and I need to catch up on blog posts 🙂

On Friday night, we went to mioposto for dinner. It’s a cute little pizza place in Seattle’s Mt. Baker neighborhood. (South of I-90, on the shores of south lake Washington.) It also happens to be not too far from where I work (in Beacon Hill), so I had been there several time, but it was Cortny’s first time. Mioposto has all wood fired pizzas, with a very tasty thin crust. If you’re around, it is worth checking out. Of course, we can get some of the same pizzas in Ballard at hi-life (same owners), but the menu is much smaller.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day. I did some Web site building work that I’ve been needing to do. We tried the 4:30pm Saturday yoga class. It was good, but I (personally) prefer going at 8am.

Saturday night, we dined at Luisa’s Mexican Grill. It’s actually in the same zip code as us (I learned that on the Web site). Good standard fare Mexican food.

oh, and also on Saturday – We were watching Netflix streaming to Tivo. That’s a pretty darn cool feature. And then after dinner we watch Be Kind Rewind. When the movie was in theaters it just looked like a silly Jack Black movie, but it turns out it is a pretty good movie. It has humor and heart.