Motorcycle Safety Class

I haven’t had anything to write this week … it was a pretty boring week. I went to work, came home from work, went to yoga a few times.

On Thursday night, I started my motorcycle class. Thursday was all classroom work. This involved reading the course book, discussion, and watching awesome drivers’ ed. videos. Since I had already read the state of Washington guidebook and a scooter specific pamphlet from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, it was stuff that I had already had time to process.

Today (Saturday) was the real fun! Starting at 8am we actually got to ride the scooters. got there early, so I was able to claim a Vespa LX150 (the same scooter that I intend on buying if I pass the class).

And, well…. scooters are a lot of fun! The Vespa is awesome, easy to drive, easy to maintain balance, and just plain fun. My gear all worked out well. My helmet is comfortable, as are my jacket and gloves.

The skills we went over today – starting, stopping, turning, weaving…. the basics. I feel like I did pretty well. Starting is pretty easy – nice even throttle. Stopping is easy as well, I just need to work on letting off the throttle quicker while I break. The turning is interesting. Leaning into turns is much easier than I thought. Turning at low speeds is actually harder that turning at high speeds (above 10mph). Weaving in and out of cones… that was fun 🙂

After the riding class, we headed back to the classroom. I had read the rest of the manual yesterday, so it was a little slow. We then had to take the written, “knowledge” text. I scored 100% on the written test…woo! Now I just have to pass my skills test tomorrow and I will be able to get my motorcycle endorsement.