8 hours of flying

Between my last post and this one, we traveled to Cincinnati and back.

Getting there was more of an adventure than normal. I woke up at 5 (to get to the airport by 6:30). But, around 5:30 got a text message that the flight was delayed by 5 hours (until 1:00pm). Not very much fun, but not canceled, and then we decided to go back to sleep. Right around 8:30 we get another text message…. flight leaves at 11am. This does not give us much time. We scramble out of bed, head to the offsite parking, and made it to the airport about 9:50, plenty of time.

Saturday night we ate at skyline with the family, and then hung out with friends (at the O’s). We brought 2 dozen cupcakes back to share … I hope everyone enjoyed them 🙂

The rest of the time was just visiting with family, we had a great time, but of course the visits are never long enough.

The was back was much easier – we left on time and landed in Seattle 45 minutes early.

Our next trip will be to Alaska and then we’ll be back in Cincinnati in July.

One of those weeks

It has just been one of those weeks.
Nothing exciting has happened – everything is normal 🙂

I went to work – worked a little over the weekend (not too much). I have scootered to work 5 out of the last 7 work days, so it is becoming my regular mode of transportation. I’ve ridden 130+ miles now. Full tank of gas today …. $2.94.

Late last week I made the final payment on our cruise, so we are really going to Alaska in a few months.

And – for everyone back in the Cincinnati area, when we visit next week… we’re bringing cupcakes.

Cupcake Sticker

More scooter pictures

I’ll stop writing about the scooter soon, but I did get out today to take some pictures.   We had some sun today, here and there.

Scooter Pics

Let’s see – Friday night we went to Zeeks Pizza.  Although it isn’t Dewey’s, it is very good and ti is the closest thing we have to Deweys.   We had a custom pizza with prosciutto and gorgonzola – very yummy.

Saturday was a lazy day.  We pretty much just sat around the house and watched Arrested Development on DVD.  I ended up working part of the day and the SIGCSE 2010 Web site and on work stuff.

The Scooter is Home

I got a ride over to the Vespa dealer at around noon today to pick up my new scooter. Fairly uneventful, kind of like buying a car with much less paperwork. I have a cool temporary license plate. We have some pictures, but I need to take more when it’s still sunny out (I got home right around dusk tonight).

The ride home was fun! I found that drivers gave me plenty of space and that the scooter accelerates great and handles really well. I was a little nervous about the Ballard bridge (metal grated bridge), but it was no problem at all, you just need to be alert when you cross.

The top case is nice, my keen bag fits in there comfortable and my helmet fits nicely in the under-seat storage compartment. I am also glad that I added the rear chrome bars. They offer protection and look really cool at the same time. The only thing I’m missing is a coffee holder.

Here are the few pics that Cortny snapped.

Me on the Scooter

Me on the Scooter

Scooter is actually on the way

I swung by Vespa Seattle today to see if they had what I wanted. I was already settled on the Graphite Black LX 150, and had decided I would wait until I could get exactly that.

Luck for me, they had one at the store today! I put down a deposit, and I will be taking deliver around noon tomorrow. How exciting!

Here are some pictures of the actual scooter that I will be taking home. From the front:


and the full view from the back.


So pretty cool? right?

I’m also adding the 32L top case (http://vespausa.com/viewImage.php?id=59)
and the chrome rear side protection (http://vespausa.com/viewImage.php?id=108). That one is because it looks cool 🙂

I’m pretty excited to pick it up and ride it around tomorrow. We even have a good weather forecast, sunny with a high of 50.

I got my license!

I almost feel like I’m 16 again… well, not quite.

As you already know, I passed my written test on Saturday. On Sunday, I passed my riding test as well! I did get 6 points off. I anticipated the quick stop (started breaking before the cones), but nailed it on the second try. And I got 1 point off for cornering a little too slow. The scooter riding was a lot of fun, but I am looking forward to getting out on to the road. Riding around a parking lot is a little limited, I only got to 20 or 25 Mph.

I called my insurance agent today, and the insurance on a scooter is only $100 to $140 a year, so that is good. Insurance isn’t required on motorcycles in WA, but you’d have to be crazy to ride without it, especially when it is that cheap.

Tomorrow morning I am going to the department of licensing office to actually get my new license. (I just got a test waiver card after the class).

I’m also going to call the local Vespa dealer tomorrow and see if they have the scooter I want in stock. I was planning on waiting until Saturday to purchase, but since our tax refund arrived ahead of schedule, I will be scootering sooner!

We currently have a dry weekend in the forecast, so I should be able to practice riding around the neighborhood. And I will have Cortny take some pictures 🙂