I got my license!

I almost feel like I’m 16 again… well, not quite.

As you already know, I passed my written test on Saturday. On Sunday, I passed my riding test as well! I did get 6 points off. I anticipated the quick stop (started breaking before the cones), but nailed it on the second try. And I got 1 point off for cornering a little too slow. The scooter riding was a lot of fun, but I am looking forward to getting out on to the road. Riding around a parking lot is a little limited, I only got to 20 or 25 Mph.

I called my insurance agent today, and the insurance on a scooter is only $100 to $140 a year, so that is good. Insurance isn’t required on motorcycles in WA, but you’d have to be crazy to ride without it, especially when it is that cheap.

Tomorrow morning I am going to the department of licensing office to actually get my new license. (I just got a test waiver card after the class).

I’m also going to call the local Vespa dealer tomorrow and see if they have the scooter I want in stock. I was planning on waiting until Saturday to purchase, but since our tax refund arrived ahead of schedule, I will be scootering sooner!

We currently have a dry weekend in the forecast, so I should be able to practice riding around the neighborhood. And I will have Cortny take some pictures 🙂