The Scooter is Home

I got a ride over to the Vespa dealer at around noon today to pick up my new scooter. Fairly uneventful, kind of like buying a car with much less paperwork. I have a cool temporary license plate. We have some pictures, but I need to take more when it’s still sunny out (I got home right around dusk tonight).

The ride home was fun! I found that drivers gave me plenty of space and that the scooter accelerates great and handles really well. I was a little nervous about the Ballard bridge (metal grated bridge), but it was no problem at all, you just need to be alert when you cross.

The top case is nice, my keen bag fits in there comfortable and my helmet fits nicely in the under-seat storage compartment. I am also glad that I added the rear chrome bars. They offer protection and look really cool at the same time. The only thing I’m missing is a coffee holder.

Here are the few pics that Cortny snapped.

Me on the Scooter

Me on the Scooter