Tulip Festival

I should have posted this sooner – but last Saturday we drove up to Skagit county for the Tulip Festival.

Tulip Festival Pictures

It isn’t really a centralized thing – but rather a collection of farms that all grow tulips in this area.  Seeing flowers grown on that scale is quite impressive!   It takes place about an hour north of Seattle.   We drove around a bit, and then parked at one of the farms (they each charge their own admission/parking).   Then we walked around and snapped some pictures.   All of the pictures I took are online ( See above, or @ http://picasaweb.google.com/mike.helmick/TulipFestival ), but I’ve selected a few below.

On the way back we went to a very nice outlet mall…. and spent too much money.   As my mom would say, “I got some really great deals.”