The Big Green Egg

Last weekend, we finally got a new grill, the Big Green Egg (medium size).   We haven’t had one since we moved here, so it will be nice to cook outside this summer.


The Big Green Egg

This is a big change from what I’m used to.  It turns out that cooking with hardwood charcoal is much better and even easier than cooking with propane.   In fact…. I may never go back to gas.

The grill is so versatile.   I’ve used high temperatures (600 degrees) to sear steaks, and low temperatures (250 degrees) with indirect cooking and hickory chips to smoke pork for dinner.

The Big Green Egg is a big ceramic egg, painted egg.   There are inner components that hold natural lump charcoal.   This is much better than charcoal brickets that you may be used to.  The lump charcoal lights quickly (and without lighter fluid), and the grill easily reaches 500 degrees in about 10 minutes.    Plus – it has the smell of a campfire when you are cooking!

There are two dampers, the silver door on the front, and the black iron housing on the top allows for different vent settings.   These dampers allow the temperature to be held steady, but controlling airflow to the fire.   I was able to hold the 250 degree temperature for 2 and a half hours without messing with it every few minutes.  For steaks and hamburgers it has been great also.   Tonight we made, steaks, heading the grill to 575ish, searing on both sides and then closing the dampers.   This suffocates the fire, but maintains the higher temperature all around the food.   The result, a steak that is beautifully cooked on the outside, with some nice grill lines, and a perfectly cooked inside (we went for medium).

Anyways – I highly recommend the Big Green Egg.   It is super easy to use and has been the best grill that I have used.   As a bonus, we purchased it from a local small business, so I feel better about the purchase.

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