Alaska Cruise Day 2 (At Sea)


Making Waves

Day two of our trip was entirely at sea. I woke up pretty early, I think around 6am. There was bright sunlight streaming in through the window and I still had a case beginning vacation excitement! So what did I do?  I decided to go for a run.  There is a jogging track on Deck 11 of the Infinity.   I got about 3 laps in before the wend was too much for me.   No worries, I just went down one floor to the gym.   That early on the first full day, the gym wasn’t crowded at all.

There wasn’t much scenery to view on the second day, some mountain views here and there, but mostly water.   We sailed about 15 miles west of Vancouver Island on the way up to Alaska.   It seemed like we were maintaining a pretty good speed the whole time, and had bright sunny weather on the way!

View from our room

View from our room

I didn’t take a lot of pictures on day 2.  We mostly just walked around the ship.   We did eat lunch in the main dining room.  The buffet was (and it was every day) extremely overwhelming.  There are too many choices, so the dining room was easy.   Just a few things to choose from, and they make sure you get your salad and soup with the meal.   Lunch in the Trellis is open seating, and we were at a table for 8.  Everyone was really nice, but I don’t remember names…

After lunch, there was a “walk around wine tasting.”  There were 12 or 14 wines from 7 different wine regions.   And for $15 a person, you got all you could drink for an hour.  We did the tasting thing and then just enjoyed a glass of wine and watched the water slip by.   

I’m pretty sure we went to the spa sometime in the afternoon, and we also scheduled acupuncture appointments.   

We had selected the late dinner seating, which is at 8:30.   It was a little late, but the 6:00pm seating is a little too early on a cruise.   Our table at dinner was in an odd place, right in the back of the dining room on the upper level, so we couldn’t even see the main part of the dining room.   This was fine, because it was pretty quiet and we had a nice big window right at our table.   Our table-mates were great.  There were 2 travel agents from Florida (doing some research for work) and a couple from (of all places) Fairfield, Ohio.   Fairfield is where I grew up, if you didn’t already know that.

After dinner, the show.   This is the only part of our cruise that gets a thumbs down.   The show was a broadway review of sorts, and it was bad.  The performers were ok, but the arrangements of songs and the directing were not good.   Because of this we skipped all of the “production shows.”  I’m sure Cortny will have more to say in this area, so I will leave it to her.

In my next blog post, I’ll be talking about our port stop in Ketchikan Alaska and our zipline adventure in the rainforest.

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