Alaska Cruise, Hubbard Glacier (Day 4)

After leaving Ketchikan, we headed further north to view Hubbard Glacier. So, technically, this was a “sea day” since we didn’t dock, but the glacier is a major attraction of the cruise. It is impossible to describe in words, so I will just lead in with a picture.

Hubbard Glacier from the Infinity

Hubbard Glacier from the Infinity

This is just one of the many pictures we took on glacier day.  All of the pictures are available on picasaweb.

Alaska Cruise, Hubbard Glacier, Day 4

The glacier as well as the approach to the glacier are simply amazing.   The bay is surrounded by snow covered mountains, and at least one other glacier stuck in there.   As we got closer to the glacier, we entered a huge ice field (ice that dropped off the glacier).    The captain brought the ship within 3/4 of a mile of the face of Hubbard Glacier.   This allowed for spectacular viewing from right in the middle of the ice field!   It was totally awesome.    I’ve put together the below video, made up of clips that we took over a period of about 4 hours while near the glacier. Enjoy!

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