Alaska Cruise, Juneau (Day 5)

Short delay between posts, but here we go.   After our at sea visit to Hubbard Glacier, we docked the next morning in Juneau, Alaska.   Alaska’s capital city is a pretty small town, only 30,000 residents.   Our highlight here was visiting the Sled Dog Musher’s Camp.  As usual, if you just want to jump to the pictures, they are all just below this sentence, or viewable on picasaweb.

Alaska Cruise, Juneau (Day 5)

The skyline of Juneau is quite similar to the skyline of Ketchikan.   Old west looking storefronts that cater to tourists.   Lots of jewelry stores again, so we just bypassed those again.


Cortny in front of Sarah's house.

Our sled dog excursion was about 2 hours after we docked, so we did our walking around the town first.  Shortly after debarking in Juneau, we saw a sign for the state capital and the governor’s house, so we decided to head up there.    To prove it, here is Cortny in front of the Alaska governor’s mansion.  Of course, nobody was home.

On the way back to the pier (to catch our excursion) we went by a Subway.  You know Subway, the home of the 5, 5 dollar, 5 dollar footlong.   Well in Alaska, that would be a 7 dollar footlong.   Now, I’m not surprised that subs cost 40% more in Alaska (everything has to arrive in Juneau on a weekly barge), but the advertising is funny.   They still have the same picture, a guy holding out is hand with 5 fingers extended… and a 7 in the middle.    Well, being form the lower 48, thought it was funny.

After arriving back at the pier, we met up with our excursion group (2 other people).   We took a short ride to the musher’s camp.   It was a nice little bus ride, very scenic.

Immediately on arrival, we boarded the wheeled cart and were pulled through the woods for about 10 minutes by a team of 16 dogs.   The cart weighted 500 pounds and was holding 6 people.   These dogs are strong and use these summer tours as their training for winder sled dog races.

Rather than blabbing on about it – I will say that it was awesome!   The dogs are amazing, and it was cool to see a real training camp, and not some commercial tourist trap (they didn’t even have a gift shop).   I put together this view to show how cool it was!

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