Riding the Rails

We had a pretty busy weekend.  Saturday we went to the Sounders FC vs Chelsea FC game.  It was a good match, but the Sounders lost 2-0.   After the game, we rode the new light rail (on opening day) from the international district to the airport, and then back to downtown.  It was really crowded, but fun.   More importantly Seattle is finally catching up to the other major cities of the world.    Here is a video I snapped while waiting for our train to arrive.

New Yoga Gear

My current mat, a Prana Eko Mat is showing some wear.  It is a good mat, but it is almost a year old and is showing some wear.   I’m pretty rough on a mat, using it 4 to 6 times a week with some serious sweating.   I do use Yogi toes (anti-skid towel), because I have never been able to use just a mat.

So I was looking for something a little stronger.    I decided to go with a set of Manduka products.

I ordered

I went with the Black Mat, because it is supposed to be the most long lasting, heavy duty, non-slipping or bunching up-est mat out there.    The bag for… transport?   I’m going to be carrying my mat onto a plane twice in the near future, so I needed a bag.    The towels, because you can never have enough towels for hot Yoga.   This will be the second mat towel in my collection, and my first real hand towel (that isn’t a bathroom hand towel).    Now, I won’t have to do laundry every night!   With my current yogi-toes and new mat towel, I can do the laundry every other night.   I already have enough Yoga clothes for 4 days without washing, with quite ranging outfits, but 4 days none-the-less.

I will update with how everything works out.

Seattle’s New Light Rail

Very exciting – our light rail service opens in 6 days.   Unfortunately, the route means that I won’t be riding it very often.   The trains will initially run from downtown to 2 miles from the airport (opening to the airport before the end of the year).   They are offering free rides next weekend (for the opening), maybe we’ll check it out.

The reason that I’m posting – the Seattle Times has a cool photo gallery of the train, the stations, and the artwork along the route.   So – next time you visit, we may be picking you up at a train station, or meeting you at the airport and riding the train together.  We’ll see.

View the gallery at the Seattle Times.

Golden Gardens

Today we went to the beach – Golden Gardens on Puget Sound.   This is extra cool because Golden Gardens is in Ballard, and pretty close to our house.   It is nice to have a beach close by, even if we don’t make it there too often.   And, on a day like to day – it was way crowded.

I also hard Cortny take some pictures of me doing some of my favorite Yoga poses on the beach.   I’ve really gotten into arm balancing, because it brings together all the elements – mental and physical strength and concentration, breath, and core support.

So, here is me doing the forearm balance and crow pose.

Forearm Balance

Forearm Balance

Crow Pose

Crow Pose

Change of Plans

We planned on going to Bastille tonight, but it is very popular. They had stopped taking Names for their wait list before 8pm.

Cortny, enjoying some chips!

So, we had to find somewhere else to eat. Just further up Ballard Ave is La Carta De Oaxaca. La Carta is also known for being difficult to get into, but we got a table in 30 minutes. I had sone excellent tacos. Yum.

After Mexican food, we picked up some cupcakes to go. 6 cupcakes for the price of 3, crazy good deal.

Haircut, Dinner, and OnCall

Exciting weekend coming up… I’m on-call support this weekend (was last weekend too).   2 weeks at a time, 4 times a year.  It isn’t too bad, but it is disruptive.   I always have to be somewher in cell phone contact, and have to lug my laptop everywhere I go.

So – tonight I have my every 4 to 5 weeks haircut.   I’ve need to update the frequency as I get really bad helmet head if I let it grow out too much.

The more exciting thing… we are planning on trying one of the new Ballard restaurants tonight, Bastille Cafe & Bar.  The pictures all look like they have done an amazing job with the interior, and the menu looks yummy.

We’ll let you know how it is… unless of course we can’t get in tonight because it is too busy.  We shall see.

That sums up the exciting plans for the weekend…

Next weekend, however, will be very exciting.  A sounders game and an inversions workshop!

Teacher Training

I am always full of crazy ideas. My latest might not be so crazy.

My first year with Yoga was good. I learned a lot, followed the journey without expectation, and had plenty of breakthroughs. Lots of physical breakthroughs. I’m stronger than I have ever been, have improved my balance many times over, and can move in ways I never thought possible. (Exhibit A).   There is mental growth too, although this has come slower for me.   I view this area as how we choose to meet challenges.   Change how you meet challenges on the mat, and this changes how you meet challenges in the world.

I had always thought that teaching Yoga might be something that I want to do some day.   And I thought that when I am able to return to academics, teaching Yoga would be a nice parallel activity.   Two different outlets for teaching.

So, a few weeks ago, I went through the weekend teacher training at our studio here in Seattle.   This was a great experience, but it was too short.   This class mostly left me wanting more.   More time to practice, more time to learn.    This was also a good way to re-up my commitment to the Yoga practice, I’ve made it to class 10 out of the last 12 days (assuming I don’t forget to go at 4:30 today).

Follow this path a little further, and I’ve sent in my application for the Baptiste level 1 teacher training in Mexico.   Details on what exactly goes on there are not readily available, this is a good thing.   Everyone that I know who has been says that it is an amazing experience.

What is even more exciting?  Cortny has decided to apply for the teacher training as well.   Hopefully, we will both get accepted and go through this together.    She isn’t sure about teaching, but this is the first step both in teaching and deciding if you want to teach.

We found out about acceptance within two weeks.   Will keep you updated.