New Yoga Gear

My current mat, a Prana Eko Mat is showing some wear.  It is a good mat, but it is almost a year old and is showing some wear.   I’m pretty rough on a mat, using it 4 to 6 times a week with some serious sweating.   I do use Yogi toes (anti-skid towel), because I have never been able to use just a mat.

So I was looking for something a little stronger.    I decided to go with a set of Manduka products.

I ordered

I went with the Black Mat, because it is supposed to be the most long lasting, heavy duty, non-slipping or bunching up-est mat out there.    The bag for… transport?   I’m going to be carrying my mat onto a plane twice in the near future, so I needed a bag.    The towels, because you can never have enough towels for hot Yoga.   This will be the second mat towel in my collection, and my first real hand towel (that isn’t a bathroom hand towel).    Now, I won’t have to do laundry every night!   With my current yogi-toes and new mat towel, I can do the laundry every other night.   I already have enough Yoga clothes for 4 days without washing, with quite ranging outfits, but 4 days none-the-less.

I will update with how everything works out.