To Snoqualmie Falls

Yesterday we took another little road trip.   We drove out east (about 40 minutes) to Snoqualmie.   The highlight of the trip was the waterfall.

The falls are 268 ft high.  It is quite a drop.   They falls aren’t very wide (although we hear they are fuller at different times of the year).   Probably most impressively, the water seems to just hit the surface below and just scatter all over the place.    This creates a lot of mist, which was supplemented by rain yesterday.

There is a nice observation area at the top of the falls.  Then there is a 1/2 mile trail that goes down to the river.   The trail is pretty steep, but it was a fun walk.   At the bottom, there is another observation platform.  And then…. you have to walk 1/2 mile uphill gaining 268 feet of elevation.   It was a fun hike both ways, but the rain was really pouring down on the way back up.

We got into the car and headed back towards the town of Snoqualmie.   On the way we passed a cool old train, and thought – hey, can we ride that?  It turns out that you can.  So we went to the Northwest Railway Museum, bought tickets, and rode the train to North Bend and back.   The train also goes to the top of the falls, great view.

The train ride was followed up by a very yummy (and a little spendy) dinner at Woodman Lodge in Snoqualmie.   It is actually a really nice restaurant, and we’ll keep it in mind for a place that we can take future guests.

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