The Return of TV

Finally! New TV shows are back! So here is the run down of what we’re watching this fall:

My favorite show now – How I Met Your Mother. I love this show because it is consistent every week, and being the same age as the characters I identify with a lot of them. Of course because of this, can I see that some of the time based stuff they’ve done in the show is a little off 🙂

We sort of stick to CBS for the rest of Monday. I’m not a fan of Two and a Half Men, but watch anyway. And the Big Bang Theory has been upgraded from “watch it if its on” to “season pass” on the Tivo.

Tuesday is an off night for TV I guess.

Wednesday, we are now watching Glee.   I don’t think it will last, but will enjoy it while it is on.

Thursday is the big night on NBC (hey, that’s tonight).   SNL is on (for now – until 30 Rock comes back), Parks and Recreation, The Office, and Community (which was OK last week, we’ll give it a chance).

Nothing else on the schedule until SNL on Saturday night.

Then Sunday rolls around.  We always watch “Sunday Morning” on CBS.   Then Sunday night, there is the one reality show that we watch, “The Amazing Race.”  And the week is rounded out with “Mad Men.”

Apparently, when you write it down… we watch a lot of TV.   Of course, I’m always doing something else while watching TV.   Typing the blog post, handling email, working on Cascade, learning to program the iPhone, etc…   Always busy, but I must admit, I work better with a little background noise (or background TV in this case).