Lots of Training

As usual, I’ve been very busy.   2 of the last 3 weekends, I participated in the Teacher Assisting Program (TAP) at Shakti Vinyasa Yoga.  This was about 24 hours of training, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.   I supplemented both weekends with 8am Saturday practice, and the Sunday 9:30 practice.    Overall: awesome experience.

So, what exactly did I do?  We learned how to assist other people in Yoga poses.  Assisting always starts with safe alignment (the corrective assist).  Once you have someone in a safe position, all kinds of possibilities open up.   You can give support, spark awakening, help some one go deeper and expand their edge.   I had a great time, and learned a lot.

Since we all needed people to practice on, I ended up doing lots and lots of Yoga poses over the workshop, and holding some of them for a very long time (longer than I’m used to).   This turned out to be a very valuable experience.   I learned a lot of things to help deepen my own practice and to help others along their own path and learned how to analyze my own body in a pose and see where I can self adjust.

To top it all off – assisting is fun.  There are some standard templates to assists, but there is lots of room to be creative and really find the best way to help someone in this moment.  I had a chance on Sunday to assist someone for an entire class – and since some of the poses are taken several times, I already had a change to experiment a bit.

Next steps: I have already applied to enter the mentoring program at our studio.   I have an evaluation this weekend where I will assist one of our teachers during a class.   And we’ll see where it goes from there.

All of this experience should be a great help when we head to the Baptiste Level 1 teacher training.