I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of intention. Working with an intention is something that we do regularly in Yoga practice, and one of the items that I teach during our intro class. This week I had a big awakening in regards to intention.

Intention has to be present with you and intention must be something you are putting into action, right now. This is my point of growth.  I was thinking if I just got clear about what my intention is, that things will fall into place. And that just isn’t how it works. Intention requires work, intention requires action.

Setting a goal is different. Setting a goal can be having an expectation. I recently fell short on reaching a personal goal, and it was partly because my intention was in the wrong place. By setting an intention about where I thought I needed to be to reach my goal, I missed out on a great opportunity to be present with what was actually happening. Had my intention been in the right place, I might be further along.

The lesson for me is to get clarity on where things stand. To set intentions from where I am, and not from where I want to be, think I should be, or my goals. If the intention is clear and present, it can be put into action. Setting an intention that can’t be put into action, lead me to feel a bit unfulfilled.