The super out-dated blog post

I’ve been neglecting my blog. Part laziness, part re-prioritization. I’m still maintaining a very busy lifestyle, but I’ve learned to stop and do nothing, or stop and read, or better yet, just stop and be. My new job finally doesn’t feel like a new job any longer. I’m all set on SIGCSE 2011 work, and I’ve gotten a huge jump on SIGCSE 2012. I’m actually working on CS research again. My yoga teaching is going really well. All in all, life out west is good.

One previous event to detail (among many that I should catch up on), is a photography class that I took last fall. The class was at the Photo Center Northwest, and I highly recommend the Digital SLR workshop if you have a SLR camera, but would like to learn what all of the menu items do, plus how to take some really good pictures.

Photo class trip to Pike Place market.

Here are some of my pictures from the class. We took a field trip to pike place market after dar and practiced some fun techniques. We worked with long exposures, blurring a moving object, blurring the background, ghosting objects and people. I even got to make my first trip to the gum wall (something we will be adding to the tour itinerary for visitors).