MINI Countryman

I’ve been doing a lot of looking around at cars for the past few months, and I decided to go with the new MINI Countryman. You may not have seen one on the road yet, because there aren’t many on the roads.  There also isn’t much stock of this model at the dealers yet. Seattle MINI only had a few, and it seemed like 2 were being used exclusively for test drives. There was even a line to take a test drive the way we went, it seems to be popular.

The main purpose of this page is to give a timeline of order to delivery, maybe you’ll find it helpful. When I ordered, I was told that the total time to deliver was running about 2 1/2 months (10 weeks) to Seattle. Delivery to the west coast is slower than to the east coast.

  • (0 days) Saturday 3/26 – Ordered
  • (2 days) Monday 3/28 – Made some changes. Decided to add the sunroof.  The dealer was really helpful on this, and processed the changes quickly.  I received my production number today, after the changes were processed.
  • (5 days) Thursday 3/31 – Color and model updated in the owner’s lounge (OL) on
  • (6 days) Friday 4/1 – Moved to “scheduled for production” status on the OL. VIN number assigned.
  • (12 days) Thursday 4/7 – Vehicle in paint shop
  • (13 days) Friday 4/8 – Vehicle complete, awaiting transport!
  • (14 days) Saturday 4/9 – Vehicle released to transport company
  • (19 days) Thursday 4/14 – Vehicle is at the exit port in Germany
  • (32 days) Wednesday 4/27 – First confirmation form MINI that my Countryman is in transit! (probably left on a ship a few days earlier)
  • (54 days) Thursday 5/19 – Unloaded at the BMW/MINI Vehicle Distribution Center at Port Hueneme (Near L.A.)
  • (59 days) Tuesday 5/24 – Arrived at Seattle MINI
  • (60 days) Wednesday 5/25 – Delivered! Drove the Countryman home.