Cleanse Day 2

Yummy breakfast today based on hot cereal.

Then, 8am crossfit. Today’s workout was very intense. I came out of it feeling very hungry, but was able to get through to lunch time by just re-hydrating with some water, and enjoying a banana mid morning. Really, I was just drained. (See the workout in the image).

Good salad for lunch and then homemade soup for dinner. The knife skills class that I took is really paying off with all the veggie chopping that I’m doing.

In general, I feel tired today. Really tired. Going to bed an hour early tired. I’m blaming the 48 minute off the charts hard workout. Back at it tomorrow.

Day 2 stats

  • Weight: 204.8 (- 2.4) — No, I don’t believe that I lost 2.4 pounds in 24 hours, today’s workout was intense, lots of sweat.
  • Exercise: crossfit
  • Steps taken: 6859