Cleanse Day 3

Day 3 of my cleansing diet is drawing to a close. After the first two days, I was starting to get a little scarred. I had pretty big caffeine headaches on Monday and Tuesday, today I was fine. I notices an increase in energy today, but that could also be attributed to the baby sleeping all night 🙂

Breakfast and lunch were both smoothie based. I made the lunch smoothie the night before and froze it, and then put it into the fridge at work. It turns out that is not enough defrost time, so I ended up eating lunch a little late, oh well.

Then, this afternoon, the weirdest thing happened. I went out to take a walk and decided to run. I ran about 1 1/4 miles. I went on a run… for fun. And kind of liked it. Weird.

Tomato soup for dinner, thanks to Cortny for making it for me.

And finished the day by walking to teach my 7:15pm yoga class, and walking home. I was worried that I wasn’t going to get enough exercise in today, but the run kind of just happened, and I was able to get my walk into yoga (about 2.5 miles round trip).

Day Stats

  • Weight 204.6 (-2.6 from start)
  • Exercise – short run (Wednesday is usually my rest day)
  • Steps taken 11792 (so much for the rest day)