Cleanse Day 4

4 days down, 10ish to go. I say 10 ish, because I see myself easing into a more normal diet (for me) on the last night. And I know that I have 1 dinner out with friends next Thursday. It’s a long standing plan, so I’ll be eating out. Looking at the menu ahead of time, I’ll probably have grilled halibut and asparagus. I know, a digression, but it’s on my mind.

I made today’s lunch the night before, so that made my morning a little more streamlined. Smoothie for breakfast, and out the door. Crossfit this morning. I was still sore from Tuesday (yes 2 days ago), but worked through it. Soup for lunch. I didn’t really like it that much, but it was ok. The recipe called for a puree, and it might have been better not. Same with dinner, it was a vegetable curry, and I just didn’t like it. Now, I’m OK with that. That’s the attitude I brought into this. I figured that I would be experiencing some new things, and some new flavors. Curry is just not a dish I like, but I tried it 🙂

Energy levels are good and I’ve been sleeping really well. Apparently Cortny was up with Elliott from 2am to 3am, and I didn’t even notice. Sleepy dad. Overall, I feel great.

Now the hard part. Today I found myself craving food that’s not on the menu. This is especially difficult in my workplace where there’s free food all around. I’m sticking to it. Good so far 🙂

Day 4 stats

  • Weight: 201.6 (-5.6 pounds) – Yikes! Big drop in 3 days, but it feels great.
  • Exercise – crossfit
  • Steps taken: 4719* (That’s the best number I have. I forgot my fitbit, and picked up a pedometer at work. I don’t trust the fre pedometer though, on my walk today,  it says I took about 600 more steps on the way back. Anyway, I’m happy w/ what I did today.)

Note on weight loss: This isn’t a quick fix. Sure I’m dropping some pounds quickly, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stay off without additional hard work.