Cleanse Day 5

With 5 days complete, it feels like one week down, but I’ve still got two days to go. From an exercise standpoint, today needed to be a day of rest. That worked out pretty well for me, I got some stuff done at work.

Menu today, smoothies for breakfast and lunch and a yummy vegetable stir fry for dinner.

On the lunch smoothie. I still haven’t figured out the optimal thaw time. I had to drink it in stages and it took me 90 minutes to finish it. On the positive side, eating slow is good for you.

I feel pretty good, but I’m still in a stretch of days where giving up sounds like a good idea. Onward, almost to half way.


  • Weight: 203.6 (-3.4 overall, but up from yesterday)
  • exercise: rest!
  • steps taken: 5302, plus whatever I get in before bed. It’s a rest day.