Cleanse Day 6

6 days down. Started the day off with a yummy smoothie and a great yoga practice. I finally got my quads stretched out, so I think I’ll be ready to hit the gym again soon, maybe tomorrow. Soup for lunch and stir fry for dinner. I modified the lunch recipe by not sending the soup through the blender, I think it worked better for me. Dinner was a complicated recipe! But got it all cooked and served. I did wait too long to eat dinner, and feeling kind of meh until after eating. Snacks were a little more difficult today, since I couldn’t just walk down the hall and grab a piece of fruit.

Cleanse-wise, I’m thinking of knocking this back to 9 days from 14. While I’m doing well, I think that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew (sometimes literally).

Lots of quality family time today, including family swim.

Some stats!

  • Weight: 200.4 (-6.8)
  • Exercise: yoga
  • Steps: 2479 (looking for some rest today as well)