Cleanse Day 7 and 8

Let’s start with Sunday. I woke up feeling really good, had a smoothie for breakfast and made it to crossfit. When I got back, I saw something I hadn’t seen in about a year, a number less than 200 on the scale ๐Ÿ™‚ That was a pretty good feeling. The lightest I’ve been in my adult life is 189, and I’d be happy to get back there again.

For lunch, we headed to Panera. I was scheduled to have a salad, so a simple salad I had, along with a fruit cup. Part of the reason that I went to Panera, was because I had to go to the mall… to buy running shoes. What? That’s right, running shoes. I got a pair of New Balance minimus. I wanted something that could be used for running, but also provided a flat platform for weightlifting. I wore them today, seemed pretty good.

I ended the day with a good dinner and lots of family time.

Monday! My morning routine is falling into place. Make smoothie, go to gym. That’s what I did today. Good test run on the new shoes. I made my lunch salad… a left it at home. Oh well. I was able to make a very similar salad at work.

For dinner, I did a menu swap. Sub out the veggie curry, sub a veggie stir fry.

Now, something that is amazing to me: I’m eating much smaller portions that I’m used to. I’ve got plenty of energy, sleeping well, but just eating less food overall. That’s good, because I used to eat too much before. That is something that I hope sticks with me.

And one last clarification. On day 6 I said I was planning on cutting this a little short, but I said the wrong number. I’m going to do 11 days, so 3 days to go.

And, the stats!

  • Weight: Sunday 199.2 (-8.0 from start), Monday 199.4 (-7.8 from start)
  • Exercise: crossfit on Sunday and Monday
  • Steps:ย 10160 on Sunday, and 9711 on Monday (+ whatever I get before bet, should be 10,000 total easily)