On Yoga and Crossfit & Cleanse Day 9

Double workouts today. Crossfit in the morning and Yoga in the evening. How do these workouts go together? It’s complicated. It’s like this, crossfit is helping me build strength and giving me cardio workouts in ways that I haven’t seen with Yoga. Last week, I got up from my desk, ran a mile and wasn’t winded at all. I don’t remember the last time I could do that (10-15 years ago?). Crossfit is tough, and it isn’t for everyone. You really have to be sure to give your self time off and take care of yourself. For me, that involves getting a massage every 2 to 3 weeks and acupuncture every 2 to 3 weeks. Yoga is healing for me. In a good yoga practice I am able to stretch, relax, and clear my mind. A normal week for me is 4 crossfit classes and one yoga class. I’ve arrived at this schedule because of my work and family schedule. That’s what I can get to, so that is where I go. From a physical standpoint, crossfit has changed my yoga practice, and my yoga practice informs my crossfit (body awareness and control).

Ok – on to the cleanse update. 9 days complete. Smoothie for breakfast, and soups for lunch and dinner. I have to say, I’m kind of looking forward to granola for breakfast tomorrow 🙂 That’s 9 days eating no meat, no wheat, and no dairy, and no caffeine (eek!). I find that I’m reducing my portion size more and more every day. I’m not exactly sure why I’m eating less, but I do have plenty of energy and I’m not going through the day hungry.


  • Weight: 199.0 (-8.2)
  • Exercise: crossfit and yoga
  • Steps: ~5000, but I got plenty of exercise today