I was running…

My half marathon training officially started yesterday. I’m doing a 9 week training program, also run out of Level 4. Nine weeks is a short training cycle, but we were asked to have a baseline of 6 miles. Due to a cold, I wasn’t able to get my planned 6 mile run in, but I’ll be ok.

So, why? I’ve ever been a huge fan of running. In my triathlon days (2004), running was always my weakest sport.  I thought a solid training program would help me get on track.

This training program has me working 6 days a week, with one long run and one medium run a week. The other days are mostly CrossFit. With our “active recovery day,” I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Maybe yoga, maybe an extra CrossFit. We’ll see.

So far so go. I did a 7:45 mile in my mile test on Tuesday night. Today, 4 miles, no problem.