LEANing Challenge Complete

I wrote about it a while ago, and the LEANing Challenge is now complete. Seven weeks of eating paleo. As far as I know, I did not ingest any gluten at all for 7 weeks. I didn’t eat any dairy at all for the first 5 weeks, and have only had cheese 4 times. I wanted to have a little bit of dairy to see how I reacted after not having it for so long. Dairy doesn’t seem to be a problem for me, so yay!

During the challenge:

I started running during the challenge  bring my distance from 0 miles up to 8 miles. Unfortunately  I’ve been sideline for a few days with a sore ankle, but I plan to get back to running this week. I’ve got about 6 weeks until I run the Seattle Rock n Roll half marathon at the end of June. Working hard, training hard.

I passed the level 1 skills test at Level 4 CrossFit. Lots of hard work went into this goal.

I lost exactly 20 pounds. Dropping my weight from 203.8 to 183.8. (Monday to Monday, 7 weeks). Of course there’s fluctuations  I’ve been as low as 181 recently, but I’ll stick with my Monday morning weigh-ins for reporting purposes. I know that’s great, but was short of my goal. I want to get the scale showing me numbers in the 170s.

I lots 3 inches off my waist. Dropping from a size 36 to 33, and the 33 already feels a little too loose.

I’m ending with several injuries – runners toe on my left foot, what I can only classify as a sprained right ankle, pain in my right knee and a bad muscle pull in my right shoulder.  These are due to over training, and I’ve been doing more rest than work in the past week to compensate.

All and all, good stuff.

I’m not sure how I will continue to eat going forward, other than to say it will be healthier. Do I think I will cut out gluten, dairy and all processed foods from now on? No, probably not. This coming Friday there is a pot-luck at the gym and the winner will be selected. I don’t expect to win, but I’d kind of like a top 5 finish 🙂

First… I would really like a latte.

Level 2!

I’ve been going to Level 4 CrossFit Seattle for over a year now. Last week, I pass the level 1 test. When given the option, I’ve been doing level 2 workouts for the last few months, but it feels good to officially pass the test. Here are the test requirements.

The second time I took the test, I only missed 3 of the pull-ups. I completed the work capacity section in 4:44. This time around, I hit all of the strength and body weight movements without any struggle and completed the work capacity section in 4:06. I didn’t even expect that much of an improvement. If I hadn’t been rushing so fast and gotten a few no-reps on the box jumps, I would have been under 4 minutes 🙂

As for the level 2 test, I’ve got years of work ahead of me. Back to work.