Level 2!

I’ve been going to Level 4 CrossFit Seattle for over a year now. Last week, I pass the level 1 test. When given the option, I’ve been doing level 2 workouts for the last few months, but it feels good to officially pass the test. Here are the test requirements.

The second time I took the test, I only missed 3 of the pull-ups. I completed the work capacity section in 4:44. This time around, I hit all of the strength and body weight movements without any struggle and completed the work capacity section in 4:06. I didn’t even expect that much of an improvement. If I hadn’t been rushing so fast and gotten a few no-reps on the box jumps, I would have been under 4 minutes 🙂

As for the level 2 test, I’ve got years of work ahead of me. Back to work.