Long Distance Commuting

Thankfully this is going to be temporary, but I’m now scheduled to begin my few weeks of work with some long distance commuting.

Lucky for me, I have been hoarding my frequent flyer miles for years, so each trip will only cost me $7.50 in fees for redeeming the award ticket.

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By the numbers. Over a period of 21 days, I am scheduled to be flying 14656 in 10 flights visiting 5 different airports (CVG, ATL, SJC, LAX, SEA).

Lots of in-flight wifi will be purchased and lots of working from planes / airports / etc.

2 thoughts on “Long Distance Commuting

  1. Get the Mophie battery charger for your phone, a double battery for your laptop and now is your time to start watching the shows people talk about and never watched! For me I’ve never seen Lost, Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones… Probably because I don’t watch much TV…


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