I’m still on break

I just realized that I never actually announced this on here. In August I decided to take a break from teaching Yoga. It has turned into an extended break, and right now I’m just enjoying life the way it is. Maximizing family time is my top priority right now. Teaching Yoga may creep back in, sometime in the futre. For now, I’m happy with the balance of things in my life.

Something to give thanks for – Happy Thanksgiving.

On Yoga and Crossfit & Cleanse Day 9

Double workouts today. Crossfit in the morning and Yoga in the evening. How do these workouts go together? It’s complicated. It’s like this, crossfit is helping me build strength and giving me cardio workouts in ways that I haven’t seen with Yoga. Last week, I got up from my desk, ran a mile and wasn’t winded at all. I don’t remember the last time I could do that (10-15 years ago?). Crossfit is tough, and it isn’t for everyone. You really have to be sure to give your self time off and take care of yourself. For me, that involves getting a massage every 2 to 3 weeks and acupuncture every 2 to 3 weeks. Yoga is healing for me. In a good yoga practice I am able to stretch, relax, and clear my mind. A normal week for me is 4 crossfit classes and one yoga class. I’ve arrived at this schedule because of my work and family schedule. That’s what I can get to, so that is where I go. From a physical standpoint, crossfit has changed my yoga practice, and my yoga practice informs my crossfit (body awareness and control).

Ok – on to the cleanse update. 9 days complete. Smoothie for breakfast, and soups for lunch and dinner. I have to say, I’m kind of looking forward to granola for breakfast tomorrow 🙂 That’s 9 days eating no meat, no wheat, and no dairy, and no caffeine (eek!). I find that I’m reducing my portion size more and more every day. I’m not exactly sure why I’m eating less, but I do have plenty of energy and I’m not going through the day hungry.


  • Weight: 199.0 (-8.2)
  • Exercise: crossfit and yoga
  • Steps: ~5000, but I got plenty of exercise today

Cleanse Day 3

Day 3 of my cleansing diet is drawing to a close. After the first two days, I was starting to get a little scarred. I had pretty big caffeine headaches on Monday and Tuesday, today I was fine. I notices an increase in energy today, but that could also be attributed to the baby sleeping all night 🙂

Breakfast and lunch were both smoothie based. I made the lunch smoothie the night before and froze it, and then put it into the fridge at work. It turns out that is not enough defrost time, so I ended up eating lunch a little late, oh well.

Then, this afternoon, the weirdest thing happened. I went out to take a walk and decided to run. I ran about 1 1/4 miles. I went on a run… for fun. And kind of liked it. Weird.

Tomato soup for dinner, thanks to Cortny for making it for me.

And finished the day by walking to teach my 7:15pm yoga class, and walking home. I was worried that I wasn’t going to get enough exercise in today, but the run kind of just happened, and I was able to get my walk into yoga (about 2.5 miles round trip).

Day Stats

  • Weight 204.6 (-2.6 from start)
  • Exercise – short run (Wednesday is usually my rest day)
  • Steps taken 11792 (so much for the rest day)

Cleanse Day 2

Yummy breakfast today based on hot cereal.

Then, 8am crossfit. Today’s workout was very intense. I came out of it feeling very hungry, but was able to get through to lunch time by just re-hydrating with some water, and enjoying a banana mid morning. Really, I was just drained. (See the workout in the image).

Good salad for lunch and then homemade soup for dinner. The knife skills class that I took is really paying off with all the veggie chopping that I’m doing.

In general, I feel tired today. Really tired. Going to bed an hour early tired. I’m blaming the 48 minute off the charts hard workout. Back at it tomorrow.

Day 2 stats

  • Weight: 204.8 (- 2.4) — No, I don’t believe that I lost 2.4 pounds in 24 hours, today’s workout was intense, lots of sweat.
  • Exercise: crossfit
  • Steps taken: 6859

Cleanse Day 1

Today is day 1 of a 14 day cleanse that I’m doing. I’m following the cleanse from thephilosophie.com (I met Sophie at Yoga teacher training a few years ago). I thought it might be helpful to me to just journal how things go and to let everyone know the results.

Why I am doing this? Well, after an injury in 2010/2011 I’ve really struggled with keeping weight off. And, working at Google where there is an abundance of free food, has been an issue for me. I weighed about 190 pounds when I started working at Google (down from 212/215ish when I moved to Seattle in 2007).  I was only up to 195 in May of last year. That didn’t last long, and by the end of 2011, I was back up to 205.

I need to do something to get weight under control. I still exercise a bunch. Yoga 1-2 days a week, and crossfit 3-4 days w week. What’s missing is a good diet. So, am I doing this cleanse as a weight loss means. Well, kind of. I expect to lose some weight through this process because I won’t be stuffing myself with calories. However, I’m realistic that this isn’t cure all solution. Two weeks is long enough to change some habits. Even if I come out of this with just the ability to snack better, it will be a long term win.

Let’s back up a day. Shopping. I decided to go to Whole Foods. This really just delayed the process. I should have gone to my local store, Ballard Market. I even had to stop at Ballard Market on the way home because Whole Foods didn’t have 2 of the things I needed. Now, I’m not knocking Whole Foods, it’s a great store, but not my normal shopping location, so that slowed me down.

Cooking this morning was an interesting. I had to make a smoother for breakfast and make a smoothie for lunch. I’m not sure if my blender will make it through the two weeks. (although this is not in any way a all smoothie diet, the blender gets 48 hours rest).

Dinner was a vegetable stir fry. Lesson learned: baby bok choy is tasty.

Day 1 stats:

  • Weight: 207.2 pounds.
  • Exercise: crossfit
  • Steps taken: 10245 (measured via fitbit)


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of intention. Working with an intention is something that we do regularly in Yoga practice, and one of the items that I teach during our intro class. This week I had a big awakening in regards to intention.

Intention has to be present with you and intention must be something you are putting into action, right now. This is my point of growth.  I was thinking if I just got clear about what my intention is, that things will fall into place. And that just isn’t how it works. Intention requires work, intention requires action.

Setting a goal is different. Setting a goal can be having an expectation. I recently fell short on reaching a personal goal, and it was partly because my intention was in the wrong place. By setting an intention about where I thought I needed to be to reach my goal, I missed out on a great opportunity to be present with what was actually happening. Had my intention been in the right place, I might be further along.

The lesson for me is to get clarity on where things stand. To set intentions from where I am, and not from where I want to be, think I should be, or my goals. If the intention is clear and present, it can be put into action. Setting an intention that can’t be put into action, lead me to feel a bit unfulfilled.

40 Days to a Personal Revolution: Day 4

Time flies when you are having fun! Today is day 4 of our 40 days to a personal revolution.  That means 36 days to go, and for me, 29 days until I leave for level 2 teacher training.

Since I stopped eating meat a few days early, I’m at 6 days without eating meat. I think I’m at 6 days without caffeine (maybe 5), and 4 days without (or very limited) sugar intake. I’ve found that 100% eliminating sugar is nearly impossible. Sugar, or some kind of syrup is in everything. Now, corn syrup and especially HFCS are right out, not having those at all. I’m trying to prefer things sweetened with honey first. I found some locally produced bread that is sweetened with honey. When that isn’t available, I have regular bread. For teacher training, I am going to have to switch to Ultima Replinisher (instead of Gatorade), but that isn’t a big deal. So, being truthful.  I can’t realistically eliminate 100% of my sugar intake, but I’m being very conscious about what I do intake.

I was thinking about why I’m doing this (the diet portion at least). And, to me, this isn’t about sacrificing things, it isn’t about sacrifice at all. This is about living a more balanced life. I’m not “giving up” meat during these 40 days, I’m adding a whole new list of healthy, vegetarian meals to my diet. I’m not sacrificing my free time for meditation and Yoga practice. I’m using those tools to achieve more balance in my life. The (twice) daily meditation practice is a little difficult. I’m still working on that routine. The daily Yoga practice is awesome! I’m at 5 days in a row right now.  6th day tonight, day off on Friday, and then 7 days straight before my next day of rest.

Day 1 (Again)

If we are counting days, yesterday wasn’t really Day 1. It was the organizational meeting. Today is the real day 1 for our 40 days program.

So far, so good. I haven’t eaten meat since lunch on Friday. As a consequence, I’ve learned that I like Halibut. Well, I like Halibut when Ray’s Cafe cooks it.

Today, I went for the 6:15am Yoga class.  And, now I think it is time to go to bed!

Day 1

Today is day 1 of going through the 40 Days to a Personal Revolution program. I started the day with some hot water with lemon and honey (part of the diet recommendations from Journey into Power) and Cheerios. We went to the 9:30 class this morning. I wanted get started with a practice day, rather than a rest day.

At the meeting today, we were given a choice of 4 categories, CATS. Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Sugar. Of these 4, we were to choose one (or more) to give up for 40 days. Since I don’t smoke, giving up Tobacco wasn’t a sacrifice. I have cut back my caffeine intake quite a bit, and I only drink alcohol once a week. So, neither of those would be much of a sacrifice. This leaves me with sugar. I’m giving up all 4 of the items (well, 3 + tobacco).  On top of this, I am giving up meet on my own.

After the meeting, we went grocery shopping… and it is hard to find food that doesn’t contain sugar! I was looking at granola, and pretty much all of the granola contains sugar of some kind. Then bread, almost all of the bread contains sugar. I found a loaf of bread with honey instead of sugar.

That’s where I stand halfway through day 1. The yoga 6 days a week isn’t going to be a problem, but finding enough food without sugar is going to be a problem.

Day 0

From my previous post, you know that our journey through 40 Days To a Personal Revolution begins tomorrow. I got some things in line today 🙂

I started the day with 8am Yoga. I admit it, I love practicing first thing on a Saturday morning. It is a great way to let go of the previous week and transition to the weekend. At 9:45, I assist the level 1.5 class. Today was the first day that I got to teach during this class. It was great! My opportunity in teaching is to “stop trying and start doing.” this has been a progression for me. At this point, I am ou. Of my own head enough that when I am teaching, things are just flowing. This is a recent development, but it is kind of awesome.

During the 40 days program, I have decided to eat vegetarian. Not necessarily giving up meat, but rather bringing in some more healthy choices into my diet. I started that today!

Tomorrow, things start off with a meeting at Shakti west. I’m going to practice before the meeting, knowing that I will be setting myself up for 8 consecutive days of practice.

I know there are going to be challenges along the way. Specifically, I am worried about 4 full days of flying that I’m doing in the next 40 days. We are going to Cincinnati and back, and I’m going to Mexico and back during the program. The Yoga and diet items will be taken care of during teacher training.  For Cincinnati and back, the Yoga schedule is going to be difficult. But no excuses. I’m committed to the program, I will make it work.