Change of Plans

We planned on going to Bastille tonight, but it is very popular. They had stopped taking Names for their wait list before 8pm.

Cortny, enjoying some chips!

So, we had to find somewhere else to eat. Just further up Ballard Ave is La Carta De Oaxaca. La Carta is also known for being difficult to get into, but we got a table in 30 minutes. I had sone excellent tacos. Yum.

After Mexican food, we picked up some cupcakes to go. 6 cupcakes for the price of 3, crazy good deal.

Haircut, Dinner, and OnCall

Exciting weekend coming up… I’m on-call support this weekend (was last weekend too).   2 weeks at a time, 4 times a year.  It isn’t too bad, but it is disruptive.   I always have to be somewher in cell phone contact, and have to lug my laptop everywhere I go.

So – tonight I have my every 4 to 5 weeks haircut.   I’ve need to update the frequency as I get really bad helmet head if I let it grow out too much.

The more exciting thing… we are planning on trying one of the new Ballard restaurants tonight, Bastille Cafe & Bar.  The pictures all look like they have done an amazing job with the interior, and the menu looks yummy.

We’ll let you know how it is… unless of course we can’t get in tonight because it is too busy.  We shall see.

That sums up the exciting plans for the weekend…

Next weekend, however, will be very exciting.  A sounders game and an inversions workshop!