Settling into Seattle



View from the bus stop

View from the bus stop

We’re starting to settle into daily life here.  The big difference is finally having our stuff back and a place that we can actually call home.   Our corporate housing wasn’t bad, but it just felt like we were staying in an extended stay hotel.   This sort of made it feel like I was a temporary contract worker at Amazon.   Now things feel a little more real.    Taking the bus from our new house is working out – which is good since we only have one car now.   There is a bus that goes from our block right to Qwest Field (football stadium).   From there I can either walk a few blocks and grab an Amazon shuttle or take another metro bus.    The bus line from our house will be great for catching a baseball game this summer.


We’re getting closer to having things unpacked.   There is only one box of items left on the 2nd floor, but the kitchen still needs a little cleaning up.   Our bedroom is as unpacked as it is going to get right now.   We are still waiting on one final furniture delivery, our new dresser.  This will allow us to finish unpacking our clothes and clean up the third floor of the house.   I’m afraid that this delivery is being held up by the snow here in Washington that has kept I-90 closed on and off all week.  (The snow is all over in the mountains – we haven’t gotten below 40 degrees during the day for a while.  


The first floor is a whole different story.   Our new “office” is smaller than our old office, and it is also going to contain items from 2 rooms in the old house.    In other words – it’s cramped, but I am trying to arrange everything as neat as possible.   This room has a pretty nice sized closet with a storage space that goes under the stairs – perfect for stashing seasonal decor.


We got our first telemarketing calls today, yes calls.     It only took 5 days for our number to make it through whatever channels numbers make it through.   We’re on the do not call list now 🙂  The telemarketing call was funny – it was someone trying to sell me a security system, so I told him my house came with one.   Then he said that if it was an old system they could upgrade it or add on features, etc…   So I said it was a brand new system, and a brad new house.   Then he tried again… fun.


In other news – I’m getting a much needed haircut this weekend 🙂 


We’ll post some picture of the house soon, but we just need to get things a little more put together first.


Riding The Bus


So it tool me about a week, but I have settled into riding the bus to work.  It’s a good thing that I have the unlimited ride pass, because I end up going through 3 zones on the way to work (less than 3 miles).   I get on the bus 2 stops short of Seattle’s downtown “ride free” area, head into the free zone, and then 3 stops outside the free zone – I exit the bus.   For a while I would leave the bus and be like “I paid on the way in.”   Now I just scan my pass on the way in and the way out, the equivalent of paying twice, but I have a free unlimited pass, so no loss :).

I am hopeful that the longer bus ride will work for me (about 40 to 45 minutes each way).   Actually it must work because we are a 1 car family now.

Today on the way home, the bus was very crowded and there were people standing.   There was one empty seat – next to me.   So I’m wondering, am I that scary looking that people would rather stand than sit next to me?  


My Bus Stop